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Be a Smarter Driver!

The Energy Saving Trust has lots of energy saving advice including these driving tips so you can be a smarter driver wih Smartdrive!

Drive smoothly
Stop-go driving burns fuel! Watch the cars ahead to avoid sharp acceleration and heavy braking.

Stay in gear
Don't coast downhill or towards lights in neutral as this uses more fuel! Stay in gear and ease off the gas gently to reduce fuel flow to the engine to virtually zero.

Watch the revs
Change up smoothly and change gear before 2000rpm. Drive in the right gear for the speed and road conditions.

Drive off from cold
Modern cars don't need to be warmed up! Switch on and go and you won't be wasting fuel.

Don't idle
Switch off if you're stationary for more than a minute or two. Restarting the engine uses virtually no fuel until you press the accelerator.

Lighten the load
Dump extra weight - take off the roof rack or cycle rack when you're not using it and clear out the boot.

Plan ahead
Check the route and roadworks before leaving. Stop and ask for directions if you're lost! Use satnav if you have it.

Take it easy
Slow down! You'll get to your destination safer and more relaxed. And take the first parking space you find!

If you have any fuel-saving tips of your own, share them on our Facebook Page!